Imaginarium — Workshop, Panels, and a Table

There is a new writers’ convention happening this weekend in Louisville, KY.

What: Imaginarium

Where: Louisville, KY

When: September 19-21


Workshop list:

I count 12 workshops happening over the three days led by the likes of Tim Waggoner, Lee Martindale, and…me! There will also be panels on a wide variety of topics and forms.

I’m running a workshop Saturday evening starting at 6pm. Here is the synopsis.

6:00 PM Writing Genre Short Fiction: Join Apex Publications owner and editor Jason Sizemore for a two hour workshop that will (hopefully) lead you on the path to mastering the art of short fiction. The workshop will cover common new writer pitfalls, cover the basic structure of short stories, examine plot, talk about the importance of perfecting your first page and how to tantalize your reader from the start, and discuss the short fiction venues and short fiction editors that you should follow.

My panel schedule:

Saturday, 2pm: What Editors Expect of a Professional Author

Saturday, 4pm: The World of a Magazine Editor

Sunday, 10am: Publishing Magazines

Sunday, 2pm: The Editor’s Function

Finally, Apex Publications will have a table in the dealer’s room. Come grab our latest titles and chat with me and my minions.

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