Today I write a happy blog post about a story I sold that will soon be published. That story is titled “God Needs Not the Future.” This one has the end of the world, a detective with an emerging superpower, a crazy preacher, Nephilim, and androids. And a flood.

The Streets of Shadows anthology edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon is now up for preorder.

Says Jerry Gordon:

We’ll be launching Streets of Shadows near the end of this month at Context in Columbus, Ohio.  Ten of the books contributors will be at the launch, including both editors and:  Gary Kloster, Jonathan Maberry, Daniel R. Robichaud, Jason Sizemore, Lucy Snyder, Lucien Soulban, Tim Waggoner, and Michael West.

Here’s the cool cover art:

Cover art by Rhys Griffiths
Cover art by Rhys Griffiths

Here is the opening paragraph to “God Needs Not the Future”:

Raindrops bled down the windshield of the old Winfield taxi parked along the curb of Fifth Street. A streetlamp hunched overhead, blasting a sodium-yellow haze, its light casting a crawling tattoo of shadows across the hard-angled face of Eleanor Bennett. Her gaze, unseen, scanned the chaos outside the car: police tape, deputies draped in yellow ponchos protecting the scene, the manic whirling of emergency vehicles, the usual crowds of protestors. A preacher on the radio predicted end times, but then, didn’t they always?

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