Author Achievement Unlocked: First Vlog review!

For the first time (as far as I can tell), somebody has reviewed my book on their Vlog.

Author Achievement Unlocked!

Reader Nicole Platania gives a pretty nice rundown of her favorite stories and why she likes them.

Nicole gets bonus kudos from me for capturing a lot of the symbolism and metaphors I placed throughout the stories that eluded most (if not all) reviewers. For example, “The Dead and Metty Crawford.” It’s a zombie story on the surface. But this whole story is a representation of Big Coal in southeast Kentucky. She gets that.

Well done, Nicole!

You can read a more detailed review on her website here:

Thank you for the review, Nicole!

2 responses to “Author Achievement Unlocked: First Vlog review!”

  1. Hmm…will you look at that. I feel all the more awesome helping unlock achievements and stuff! Glad to have read the book and feel a little strange that I understood some of it all too well.

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