Catch me at Gen Con next weekend!

Want to hear me talk about publishing, editing, and writing? Then come to Gen Con and be part of the Writer’s Symposium!

When: Aug 14-17

Where: Indianapolis, IN


While I won’t have an Apex table there this year, the Writer’s Symposium will have a booth in the vendor hall to sell Symposium authors’ books. So you’ll be able to pick up Irredeemable.

Apex authors/editors Maurice Broaddus, Jerry Gordon, and Jaym Gates will also be in attendance, so the Symposium will have copies of Dark Faith, Orgy of Souls, Dark Faith:Invocations, I Can Transform You, and War Stories.

If you read the website, it talks about Gen Con being the best four days of gaming in the world. Yet…it has a mighty impressive writing track. Outside of WorldCon/World Fantasy/World Horror this con is the best networking place to be for an author, editor, or publisher.

Writer’s Symposium Website:

My seminar schedule:

Friday 9am Editing: Editor Market Report
Friday 10am  Business of Writing: State of the Market
Saturday 11am Publishing: Small Press 244
Saturday 12pm Publishing: E-Publishing

Come on out! Say hi to me! Remember, I love coffee, so if you ask me to come have a cuppa with you, I just might.


2 responses to “Catch me at Gen Con next weekend!”

    • Yeah, it’s a great convention and the symposium is top notch. I missed last year due to finances, but this year I’m back and ready to dispense the gospel.

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