Catch me at Gen Con next weekend!

Want to hear me talk about publishing, editing, and writing? Then come to Gen Con and be part of the Writer’s Symposium!

When: Aug 14-17

Where: Indianapolis, IN


While I won’t have an Apex table there this year, the Writer’s Symposium will have a booth in the vendor hall to sell Symposium authors’ books. So you’ll be able to pick up Irredeemable.

Apex authors/editors Maurice Broaddus, Jerry Gordon, and Jaym Gates will also be in attendance, so the Symposium will have copies of Dark Faith, Orgy of Souls, Dark Faith:Invocations, I Can Transform You, and War Stories.

If you read the website, it talks about Gen Con being the best four days of gaming in the world. Yet…it has a mighty impressive writing track. Outside of WorldCon/World Fantasy/World Horror this con is the best networking place to be for an author, editor, or publisher.

Writer’s Symposium Website:

My seminar schedule:

Friday 9am Editing: Editor Market Report
Friday 10am  Business of Writing: State of the Market
Saturday 11am Publishing: Small Press 244
Saturday 12pm Publishing: E-Publishing

Come on out! Say hi to me! Remember, I love coffee, so if you ask me to come have a cuppa with you, I just might.


2 responses to “Catch me at Gen Con next weekend!”

  1. Nicole Avatar

    Too bad IN is so far away! How cool would it be to listen to all of you!

    1. Jason Sizemore Avatar

      Yeah, it’s a great convention and the symposium is top notch. I missed last year due to finances, but this year I’m back and ready to dispense the gospel.

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