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Upcoming Appearances and miscellany

We’ve reached the time of year where I have a crazy amount of things happening.

The Farmer’s Market/Morris Book Shop Booth
June 7th, 9am-Noon, Saturday
Lexington, KYMari Adkins and I will be signing. Come get your fruit and your book in the same trip! Buy my book and I will buy you a strawberry.
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The Morris Book Shop
June 8th, 2pm-4pm, Sunday
Lexington, KY
Mari Adkins will be signing copies of her new Apex novel Midnight. I’ll be present to help coordinate, to serve snacks, and to keep Mari out of trouble.
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Beaumont Public Library
Adult Summer Reading Event
June 9th, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Lexington, KY
I’ll be presenting on behalf of Apex Publications. I’ll also discuss Irredeemable.

I’m also recording a podcast Sunday evening, but that won’t come out until July. I’m positive I’ll be out of social spoons by Monday night. I like doing these types of things, but the shyness in me likes to sap my constitution.

So, if you do show up at any of these events, if you bring me coffee, I will give you a hug and smile.

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