Friendship is hard

About two weeks ago, I spied on Facebook that two of my good friends were packing up with their kids and moving to Boston.

And by ‘good’ friends, I mean that we’ve seen them twice in the last three years, even though they live about 15 minutes away from Chez Sizemore in Lexington.

For reasons I’ve had trouble putting my fingers on, their upcoming move has greatly affected me. At one time, I was part of a large social circle here in Lexington. Heck, not just one social circle, but three. There were the remnants of my college buddies. There were my work friends. And I had a group of gaming friends. Something was always going on.

Then life happened. Slowly they trickled away (They make movies about this stuff). People find spouses, they have children, get a career, and move on. Time marches on, and if you don’t march with it, you’re left behind.

Almost all my old friends are now scattered all across the Earth. I’m connected to many by Facebook and Twitter (IMHO, one of the few redeeming qualities of social media), but few live anywhere close. They’ve moved on. And I’m still in Lexington. Not much goes on anymore.

Now two more dear friends are moving on. I will miss them. I also hope the best for them (both are awesome human beans) and hope to see them again in the future.

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