Irredeemable update

Last night Geoffrey Girard turned in his very special introduction for the collection. I have decided that I want this man to write my eulogy.

Here’s a taste:

And what is the point of all of this? What exactly is this modern Southern author telling us about the world beyond the scabby coon dogs, hellish spaceships and spurting blood?

Just before writing this intro, I emailed Jason and claimed/threatened: “I got you figured out, pal.”

He replied: “Oh, that the world is filled with bastards?”

But you’ve now read the stories now too, haven’t you? So you know that Jason’s response left out the biggest piece of his world-view puzzle: The world IS filled with bastards, yes, and one day soon every single one of them fuckers is gonna pay.

Yowza, I totally want to buy this book!

You can preorder for $15.95. It nets you a signed trade paperback and the eBook edition of Irredeemable. Order here!

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