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I’m pleased to announce that my collection of short fiction Irredeemable will be published by Seventh Star Press later this year!

The book will contain 20 stories. At least 5 of them will be original to the collection. Also included, an introduction by Cain’s Blood author Geoffrey Girard.

I don’t have pre-order details yet, but I’m working on it. 🙂

I guess that means I need to get my personal site active again…

Here’s the full press release from SSP:

Featuring twenty one tales of dark SF and horror, many of which have flavors of Appalachia, Irredeemable brings together a number of Jason’s previously published stories and features two brand new ones. The book will be released in all eBook formats and trade paperback during the second week of April. The collection will also feature a cover from Polish artist Tomasz Trafial.”The stories in the collection address remorseless evil and how we react and adapt to such entities,” Jason commented. “My Appalachia upbringing had a big impact on me, and I think that is reflected throughout the book.”

The April release will be followed by a special campaign to introduce readers to Irredeemable. “We are very excited to be entrusted with this special release,” Seventh Star Press’ Stephen Zimmer said. “Many people are well aware of Jason’s exceptional talents as an editor and in the publishing realms. It will be truly wonderful to see readers discover what a gifted writer he is, as Irredeemable solidly testifies.”

Jason is a writer and editor living in Lexington, Kentucky. He is also the owner of Apex Publications, a highly acclaimed SF, fantasy, and horror small press. He has twice been nominated for the Hugo Award for his editing work on Apex Magazine.

As to why he brought “Irredeemable” to Seventh Star Press, he remarked. “I wanted to work with Seventh Star Press because I’ve long admired Stephen Zimmer. He’s a savvy marketer, a wonderful person, and has a great enthusiasm for his authors and the small press.”

For more information on Jason, follow him on Twitter @apexjason, or on Facebook at For further updates and news about Irredeemable, visit the Seventh Star Press site at

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