Cover Model (with zombie arm)

I got bit by a zombie on my left arm. It festered up something awful, but it did land me on the cover of a magazine. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

The Southsider Magazine
Photo Credit: Mick Jeffries Zombie Arm: Jennifer Banks

The Southsider Magazine is a Lexington, KY, community interest publication with a sizable circulation (yay for publicity!). Being an inhabit of the south side of Lexington, I read The Southsider Magazine every month, so making the cover is pretty damn neat.

They also did an entertaining interview/feature about me and Apex Publications that you can read here:

I do have one correction to the article. My mom never took me to the theaters. We went to the local video store and rented all the good stuff.

Saraya Brewer wrote the feature, and I commend her for doing such a great job!

And thank you to The Southsider Magazine folks for the wonderful experience and opportunity.

PS: For those who might be worried, the arm is feeling much better!

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