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Conglomeration Publisher Guest of Honor

It has come to my attention that I have been named Publisher Guest of Honor for the multi-media science fiction and fantasy convention Conglomeration to be held in Louisville, KY, the weekend of April 5th-7th.

I find this invitation to be gratifying for a whole bunch of reasons, most of which having nothing to do with ego and self-promotion (honest!).

Ages and ages ago, I attended my first Conglomeration that happened to be my second convention ever and the VERY FIRST convention where I was a panelist. It is also the first convention I attended where I had Apex products for sale (Apex Digest issues 1 through 4). Back then, I used to think “Geez, these dealer tables ARE HUGE! I’ll never need this much room.”

The Apex madness became an obsession and created this monstrosity:

This convention also holds my personal record for the most “fuzzy” memories. You know the kind… things you *think* may have happened, but you aren’t quite sure they really happened. My pal and graphic designer Justin Stewart (and not the Power Ranger) accompanied me to Louisville and helped me work our dealer table. He also led me around to all the different room parties. We had blue stuff from Xerps. Other rooms had red stuff, clear stuff, and a giant walked around carrying a cooler of deadly stuff. At some point, 3am or so, Justin and I got split up. We both had separate, bizarre and surreal experiences. Nothing I can talk about in an open forum such as this blog, but if you run into me at Conglomeration, and if I’ve had a cup or two of blue stuff, I will happily share both sides of the story.

Conglomeration is a fun con. Add the fact that I plan on being one fantastic and fun guest of honor, and this turns into a Conglomeration you will not want to miss.

Because you never know what sort of crazy adventures I’ll have.

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