ForgeCon, where Apex offers at least a 39% discount on all books…

There is a new convention in Lexington named ForgeCon. Being the geekly type, I was immediately drawn to such a thing. I even landed a vendor table for Apex.  I’m all in, baby!

There are two big reasons you should come out to the convention and visit the Apex table. First, apparently getting to the vendor area does not require paid membership. As a vendor, I adore this policy, and is the first time I’ve encountered this. That means you can come shop for games, comics, and books for free. Second, my senior editor Janet Harriett will be there. She’s made a few remarks about giving a discount to shoppers directly in proportion to the amount of non-coverage of her clothes. At first, I greatly feared I would be losing money due to Janet’s generosity, but she has assured me that I won’t be giving out 80% discounts nor will our table be creating a scandal (or geek boy riot). I’ve heard estimates of 39% bandied about which is well within the bounds of public modesty.

However, it is supposed to be in the 90s this weekend so…

All teasing aside, do come out and visit the Apex booth. Especially if you’re from the central Kentucky area. It’ll be too hot to do anything else, thus gaming will be a viable entertainment option for all!

The convention runs Friday through Sunday and starts at noon Friday. A three day pass is $25 and a one day pass is only $10.

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