Mo*Con 7: Cinco de Mo-Yo

Mo*Con 7: Cinco de Mo-Yo.

Really? Are we up to seven of these things?

Let’s talk about the annual convention Maurice Broaddus puts together in celebration of “himself and all things Maurice” in the big city of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Against all odds, this event is the most fun of the ten conventions (or thereabouts) I do each year. While the con is quite Maurice-centric (for instance, the games… Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Maurice… live nude readings from King Maker, the annual Riesling-in-a-box bath), there are interesting panels and most excellent guests. For example, the Guest of Honor this year is none other than the AMAZING Apex Presents Mary Robinette Kowal (Apex is sponsoring her, so Mo*Con is contractually obligated to list her as such). Other great guests in attendance are Nate Southard, John Edward Lawson (Raw Dog Press), and many more!

Continuing Maurice’s ongoing blatant disrespect of his publisher, I am not a guest of honor.

This convention is probably the only horror convention held in the basement of a church. Each year,the convention is centered around a theme and last year’s theme was homosexuality in horror fiction. There were some great discussions and panels, but I kept expecting the church to cave on itself in a Rick Santorum cry of despair.

Maurice and his gang of Indiana Horror Writers feed the guests three times (Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening). And we’re not talking tin pans of crappy bbq mini-sausages. Saturday’s course includes a full Cajun spread followed that night by a full spread of Indian food. Friday night and Sunday morning are times of socializing and conversing with friends either at the church or local restaurants.

Saturday night involves lots of booze.

Apex Presents Mary Robinette Kowal. Free Cajun and Indian food. Convention in a church. Saturday night house party.

If this doesn’t convince you to go, nothing will.

Do come, commiserate with me, break bread with that creepy Apex dude (me).

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