Followup to yesterday…

I received the following from musician Alex Otterlei via email. It’s good information for those wanting to learn more about this artist.

I have not done any full feature movies (yet), and I’m not really chasing that goal right now. My main goal is to reach an audience that comes to listen to (and hopefully gets thrilled by)  my work at concerts.

As we speak, a team of wonderful people is cooking up an animated comic to accompany my upcoming live concert of “Horror on the Orient Express”, sometime in 2013. However, I’ve created music and sound for several short films, including “Darkness” by Kevin Lauryssen for which I received the “Best Soundtrack” award.

You can watch it here:

I’ve also done music and SFX for the computer game Monkey Tales which received the Medea Award last year.

Thanks, Alex! I look forward to more of your work!

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  1. Robby Sparks Avatar
    Robby Sparks

    Totally Groovy!

    1. jasonb57 Avatar

      He’s got several albums. Give them a try.

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