Hillbillies killed the radio star

I have the honor and privilege of being a guest on the Accents Radio show on WRFL here in Lexington today at 2pm-4pm. The show is about the literary arts. Today’s show will have a special focus on international science fiction… and hey, I’m publishing an anthology filled with international science fiction, so I’m the perfect guest!

THE perfect guest.

I’m actually quite nervous. The show is live. And this is my first time on an over-the-airwaves radio program (I’ve done plenty of podcasts and internet radio). I’m certain my accent will thicken and every single time I say ‘horror’ it will sound like ‘whore’.

If you’re in Lexington, tune to 88.1 WRFL on your radio. If you’re online and like to listen, go here at 2 p.m.: http://wrfl.fm/home


3 responses to “Hillbillies killed the radio star”

  1. janetharriett Avatar

    You nailed it, especially the pronunciation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must slink back into the proofreading cave. I heard something on the radio about a book that’s coming out early next month 🙂

    1. jasonb57 Avatar

      Are you sure I didn’t call my momma a whore lover?

      1. janetharriett Avatar

        You made your momma sound like a very nice person. Baptist preachers, on the other hand…mind you, that’s not to suggest the description of them was inaccurate, at least by my fuzzy two-decades-old memories of Baptist preachers.

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