Last year I edited a woefully under-appreciated zombie anthology titled The Zombie Feed, Vol. 1. Maybe I exaggerate. It did receive tons of positive reviews, but it never caught much traction with readers. I suspect the lack of any “bankable” names has played a role in this, but those who took a chance on the book were rewarded with some amazing stories by soon-to-be-stars like Maggie Slatter, Kristin Dearborn (who just sold her first novel), Daniel I. Russell, Monica Valentinelli, and Danger Slater.

So… you can imagine how pleased I was to find that the anthology was nominated for a Dead Letter Award for Best Zombie Anthology. 🙂

The award is voted by fans. I encourage you to go vote for TZF V1 and help my unloved undead antho pick up some recognition.

Here is the ballot:

I don’t think I can divulge details just yet, but I found out one of the antho stories will be reprinted in a major reprint anthology. A double whammy of love!

Here is the inevitable “Please Buy My Book” link:

2 thoughts on “My zombies earn some appreciation!

  1. It’s a great antho! I recommend it to everyone who will listen.

    Congrats on the nod. I’ll go check out the award.

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