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In which our hero finds himself buried…

Funny story.

When January 1st rolled around, one of my personal goals was to give this blog and website my due attention. That meant doing at least two posts a week with substance (posts that are more than “Buy my shit”). I would write about subjects people might be interested in such as the inner workings of the publishing business, tips for writers, etc.

A quick look at my posting history will tell you how that’s worked out for me.

The frustrating thing about the ongoing blog silence is that I have many, many topics I want to discuss. I’m just dying to force my opinions on whoever stumbles upon A Writers Vanity. Not only that, but I’ve been doing stuff. Fun stuff, like being the guest presenter at the Indiana Horror Writers Retreat. I was recently interviewed for the Beaucoup Pop podcast. I’ve published some awesome new books (say what, Jen Pelland?).

My advice? Follow my Facebook account ( It’s full of photos, people like James Reilly insulting half the posts I make, and an easy way to track my tomfoolery. The second best method is to follow my Twitter feed (@apexjason).

This post still needs real content. To that end, I will share the story of how I came to name the blog A Writer’s Vanity.

In fact, this blog is just one of many in a line of personal blogs and websites that has flown under the name. My first website was an old school hand-coded html monstrosity that started around the year 2000. I had designs of becoming a writer. Even way back then (egads, I’m growing old), a website was a necessity for any respectable writer. A website needed to have an identity. After many hours of time wasted at the day job surfing writer pages, I came across an article that stated every writers’ site needed a vanity page (surely the author meant bibliography, right?). I liked the sound of “a writer’s vanity page”, and twisted it to become the title of my digital home.

Twelve years later, I’m not so much a writer (sadly). Yet, I still cling to the notion that one day I will be, and when I do, my website (where ever it might be in whatever form), A Writers Vanity, will be ready.

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