Funny story.

When January 1st rolled around, one of my personal goals was to give this blog and website my due attention. That meant doing at least two posts a week with substance (posts that are more than “Buy my shit”). I would write about subjects people might be interested in such as the inner workings of the publishing business, tips for writers, etc.

A quick look at my posting history will tell you how that’s worked out for me.

The frustrating thing about the ongoing blog silence is that I have many, many topics I want to discuss. I’m just dying to force my opinions on whoever stumbles upon A Writers Vanity. Not only that, but I’ve been doing stuff. Fun stuff, like being the guest presenter at the Indiana Horror Writers Retreat. I was recently interviewed for the Beaucoup Pop podcast. I’ve published some awesome new books (say what, Jen Pelland?).

My advice? Follow my Facebook account ( It’s full of photos, people like James Reilly insulting half the posts I make, and an easy way to track my tomfoolery. The second best method is to follow my Twitter feed (@apexjason).

This post still needs real content. To that end, I will share the story of how I came to name the blog A Writer’s Vanity.

In fact, this blog is just one of many in a line of personal blogs and websites that has flown under the name. My first website was an old school hand-coded html monstrosity that started around the year 2000. I had designs of becoming a writer. Even way back then (egads, I’m growing old), a website was a necessity for any respectable writer. A website needed to have an identity. After many hours of time wasted at the day job surfing writer pages, I came across an article that stated every writers’ site needed a vanity page (surely the author meant bibliography, right?). I liked the sound of “a writer’s vanity page”, and twisted it to become the title of my digital home.

Twelve years later, I’m not so much a writer (sadly). Yet, I still cling to the notion that one day I will be, and when I do, my website (where ever it might be in whatever form), A Writers Vanity, will be ready.

2 thoughts on “In which our hero finds himself buried…

  1. Seeing as I haven’t blogged in a long while and I have many of the same feeling as you do about it, I think I’m going run right over to my site, post a link to this and say “What he said”. 🙂

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