January – Who Am I?

Once a month, I’m going to try and do these “About me” type posts to give new readers and old alike a quick rundown of who I am.

I am not someone of any particular importance. On a scale of Unknown to President Obama, I rank right around “Who the hell is that?”

I run a publishing company called Apex Publications (http://www.apexbookcompany.com). Apex produces books of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I also operate Apex Magazine (http://www.apex-magazine.com), a monthly e-zine of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short fiction.

You might say I like science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Just a bit.

I also freelance edit, be it copy, line, or content edits. About once a year, I get worked up enough to edit an anthology. My latest is The Zombie Feed, Volume 1 that hasn’t sold well enough to warrant a second edition. This makes me sad. It’s a great book. I hope you’ll consider buying a copy from Apex in print or digital form (the linked page contains direct links to places like Amazon and B&N if you prefer to shop there).

I also write short fiction. I call myself a writer even though I’ve not written anything new or sold anything in nearly a year. I’ve had about 40 stories published, mostly semi-pro zines and anthologies.  The very latest story is one I’m quite proud of called “Useless Creek.” Here’s a bibliography.

Finally, I wrap all this work around an 8-5 day job where I work as a software developer (doing SAP ABAP, specifically).

I’m extremely private about family stuff. When you reject thousands of writers a year, I feel it is best to keep the really important stuff close to your vest.

Got questions? Check out my Formspring profile and ask away.


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