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Haunted: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror

HauntedIndeed, there are 11 tales of ghostly horror and I have one of them.

Buy it here for $4.99.

This is through FR Press, the outfit that runs Good people, top to bottom.  This happens to be an eBook-only release, but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing it. There’s some good writers in this one. Jason Sizemore. Richard Dansky. Jason Sizemore. Chuck Wendig. Veritable “force of nature” Monica Valentinelli is the editor. And they have real live ghost hunter Jaeson K. Jrakman providing an intro (although I can’t forgive the heinous way he spells his first name).

If you’re going to support a small press (that isn’t called Apex Publications), then FR Press is a good one to back with your dollars.

“Useless Creek”
+ After his famous ghost hunting wife is declared missing, a devastated husband follows a trail of clues to find her.

A bit of background… the title is a take on the name of the hollow (we call it “holler” back home) called Ulysses Creek that is quite off the beaten path. If somebody wanted me to take them to the hills and give them a stereotypical Hollywood Appalachian experience, this is where I would go. The people are nice, but it’s as rural as you can get these days in Kentucky. Ulysses Creek is a couple miles from my childhood home and I was warned all the time by my parents to avoid the area. Naturally, 30 years later, this instilled fear now manifests in “Useless Creek.”

So make clickey and give this antho a try.


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