A weekend with Lance

Scarefest came and went. I sold some books. Promoted my book company. All in all, a successful weekend.

Oh, did I mention I accomplished my goal of meeting Lance Henriksen?

Smartly, the convention organizers placed my booth just out of view from where they had Lance stationed. It would have been too much of a distraction all weekend (even more so than Kristen Kakos and her Latex  who sat directly across the aisle from me).

I decided I would make my play Saturday morning between 10 and 11am when the crowd would be small (this is a special shopping period available only to VIP and platinum members of the convention). So around 10:20am EST, I ventured over to his booth since nobody was in line. Things started out well. I’m charming, making him laugh. But I quickly devolve into fanboy. At one point, I remember bowing down, all but chanting “I’m not worthy.” There was gushing “Remember that one time, in Aliens…” Stupid questions: “You get tired of playing cops and sheriffs?”

He took it all in stride. Didn’t act put out. I still felt like a putz, though.

I bought his book. It has the coolest title: Not Bad for a Human. I’m about 1/3rd through it and have enjoyed the hell out of it. He self-published it, but him being Lance Henriksen, he knew professional designers and script writers who knew some grammar so it’s quite polished and has great artwork. The interior is messy (poorly designed), but it is well-written and clean grammatically. He’s certainly a gifted storyteller. And during the excerpts where he’s telling a story about his life, you can’t but hear his famed gravelly voice narrating in your head.

Other highlights included:

  • Dinner with Ed Douglas of Midnight Syndicate. Bonus feature of the weekend was being next to their booth and getting to listen to Syndicate music the whole time!
  • Lea Thompson called me cute after she looked at the photo we took together on my phone. Because I’m Mr. Cool, I blushed a deep red and she teased me.
  • Hearing Justin Stewart tell the story of how he’s “equaled the score” with Teen Wolf’s dad.
  • Giggling at the obscenity of Man Baby.
  • Kristen Kakos was funny. I look forward to watching her movie.
  • Gawking at famous people like Ernie Hudson and Michael Biehn.

There are some photos on my Facebook page.  I tried to do a running commentary of the weekend.


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  1. Janet Harriett Avatar

    Of course you had a successful weekend; I wasn’t there to be your con jinx! Seriously, though, glad you had a good time, manbaby or no.

    And I still totally feel like a putz fangirling for Apex.


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