Friday through Sunday I’ll be running an Apex booth at Scarefest here in hometown Lexington, KY.  Come out and see me, especially if you’re local. I’ll gossip about publishing, hillbillies, crazy writers, crazy artists, or anything else that’s got up my crawl at the time.

Scarefest is quite a spectacle. And this year the big guest of honor is Lance Henriksen. Lea Thompson, Michael Biehn, Lin Shaye, and a few other recognizable faces will be there… but Lance… he’s the Big Daddy for me.

I might get starstruck.

Lance has starred in three of my favorite pieces of entertainment. Ever. He’s in my favorite science fiction movie: Aliens (clickity for awesome photo as Bishop). He’s the star in my second favorite monster flick: Pumpkinhead (The Thing takes first prize. And he totally owned one of my favorite television shows: Millennium (And I’m always telling Lost fans that if they want more proof of how amazing Terry O’Quinn is as an actor to check out this show).

I hate paying anybody $40 for an autograph. But for Lance, I’ll give it heavy consideration. Especially if I’ve got a few extra bucks in my pockets due to strong sales at the Apex table. So come out and buy a few books. I really want to meet and shake the hand of one of my favorite movie stars–Lance Henriksen.

4 thoughts on “Me and Lance and you

  1. Hope your table does very well this weekend! Lance Henriksen is *beyond* worth it! You may get starstruck, but he will put you at ease. Wonderful guy. Have a great one!

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