FUN: Context 24 Post mortem

Context 24 has ended. I am home. Not quite recovered. And am now processing all that happened over the weekend.

On a whole, the convention was a successful one for me and the bizness (Apex). Sold some books. Promoted the press. Sat on four panels and shared my kernels of editing/publishing wisdom. Made a handful of awesome new friends. Met some important people. Networked.

* I finally got to meet Seanan McGuire after writing her many checks for her stories and poetry (Seanan is at least 2.5 times as lovely and charming as you might imagine).

* I finally got to meet David Hartwell. He’s an even more successful and famous editor than me (*cough*)! What a nice gentleman. And patient, as I climbed over him at least 25 times during the weekend (the dealer room folks thought it wise to not give the Apex table an entry/exit point… so the only way was through David and filk legend Tom Smith).

* Hanging out with my crew: Maurice Broaddus, Jerry Gordon, Jenn Stark and that guy who follows her around, Janet Harriet (please, only one T), Elaine Blose (next year the hotel won’t screw me over… you know what I’m talking about), Lawrence Connolly and his mug of happiness, Professor Tim Waggoner, Stephen Zimmer, Daniel and Trista Robichaud (one of whom took off their shirt for the Apex/IHW party), that one dude whose name I don’t know but who always stands in the corner and stares at me all night long with surreptitious sidelong glances.

* A hearty welcome to new members of my crew: Awesome Dawn (you don’t know what a hug truly is until Dawn gives you one), Lesley Conner (only when drunk or when buying Apex books), Nora, and Seanan “Komodo Dragon” McGuire. Sorry, the choice to join is not given, it is chosen for you.

* Nick Winks and his drive-by jibes and insults.

* After six years, I’m finally comfortable doing panels.

* Michael West doing a random break dance head spin while holding copies of his books in his hands—for a crowd of young ladies


6 responses to “FUN: Context 24 Post mortem”

  1. maggiedot Avatar

    If I go to a single convention this coming year that you’ll also be attending (<–that's the requirement!), which one would you recommend? Realize, if I do actually get a chance to go, I'll likely just follow you around like a mute creeper shadow because I don't know too many folks, but if you're all right with that, then we might have to make this happen! 🙂

    1. jasonb57 Avatar

      I haven’t hammered down my schedule yet. Most likely I’ll be attending Worldcon in Chicago next August. I’ll be in touch via email. You know I would LOVE to finally meet you, Mags.

      1. maggiedot Avatar

        Ooo, that’d be fun! 😀 Well, keep me in the loop, and we’ll see what we can do! ^_^ It’d be awesome to meet you in person, too!

      2. maggiedot Avatar

        Also, I need to go to Exclamation Point! Annonymous, I think. It’s getting out of hand. 🙂

        (They refer to it as EP!A, and meets on Thursdays.)

  2. Janet Harriett Avatar

    Bravo for finally getting comfy with the panels! So, that only takes six years? I think I can make it through four more years of pre-panel nausea and heart palpitations.

    I’d like to meet this Janet Harriet with one T you were hanging out with 😉

    1. jasonb57 Avatar

      I dunno… she’s pretty sensitive about that missing T. Might try to jump you and steal your extra T.

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