I’ve edited another one of those digital-only anthology things for Apex. This is another good one. A full 90000 words for only $2.99.

Apex DigitalKindlenookSmashwords

APEXOLOGY: Science Fiction and Fantasy
1. The study of literature-based artifacts left by the authors and editors of Apex Publications, particularly of science fiction and fantastical nature
2. An anthology of science fiction and fantasy containing mind-bending, entertaining ideas.

Contained within are eighteen stories to showcase the unique talents that Apex has published and employed in the past six years. Apexology: Science Fiction and Fantasy contains work from award winners, legends, and New York Time bestsellers.

90,000 words

Table of Contents:
“Dedalus and the Labyrinth“ – J.M. McDermott
“The Imagination Hospital“ – Guy Hasson
“Ride of a Lifetime“ – Patrick S. Tomlinson
“The Komastu“ – Jennifer Brozek
“Stinker City“ – George R. Galuschak
“Tailfeather“ – Monica Valentinelli
“Temple of Regrets“ – Maurice Broaddus
“Haunted Empire“ – Deanna Knippling
“And Night Swallowed the World“ – Paul Jessup
“BollyWorld Gods, Bubonic Men, and the Cyberpunk Samurai“ – O.M.R. Anwar and M. Zak Anwar
“Coming Home“ – Gene O’Neill
“Extremum“ – R. Thomas Riley and Roy C. Booth
“Ride the Wild Wind“ – Gill Ainsworth
“In Her Image“ – Michael A. Burstein
“Unicorn Gold“ – Alethea Kontis
“Gemphalon“ – Elizabeth Engstrom
“G-O-O-D-B-Y-E“ – Nick Mamatas
“Covenant“ – Lavie Tidhar

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