We’re approaching the weekend of one of my favorite conventions: Context. Context is the best of the small conventions I’ve attended. It is strictly focused on the art and craft of writing and editing. It’s not as formal as…say…Readercon, but it comes very close to be a true professional convention, particularly for people into dark fantasy and horror.

The Guest of Honor is L.E. Modesitt, Jr. The horror guest of honor is Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire). The editor guest of honor is David Hartwell.

I don’t know L.E. all that well, but I am pumped about finally meeting Seanan and David Hartwell.

Apex will be there with a table in the dealer room. I am scheduled for four panels.

Fri 8pm
Bad Author, No Cookie

How to deal with all types of fan questions, the redundant, the insulting and the downright stupid.  No, you can’t just stab them with your signing pen…

Sat 1pm
Point of View

Point of view is one of the biggest topics in writing, and failure to understand it, one of the biggest reasons a publisher rejects work. It’s not just 1st, 2nd and 3rd anymore.

Sat 3pm
More Than Just Window Dressing: How Secondary Characters Make Your Novel Come Alive!

Sidekicks, Also-rans, space-fillers. If that’s how you think of your secondary characters in your novel, you’re wasting a great opportunity to use them to not only make your story deeper and more interesting, but to enhance your main characters as well.

Sun 11am
Anthologies are for Beginners, Too

Does your first published work have to be the “Great American Novel?”

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