The Zombie Feed Volume 1I have a new anthology out. It is called The Zombie Feed, Volume 1. It’s a great little zombie anthology… perhaps “little” is the wrong adjective because this sucker is nearly 300 pages of ooey-gooey zombie nastiness!

During the production of TZFV1, I was asked numerous times if I was going to do a second volume. My answer to each query was “If enough people buy the first…” So, if you’re hoping I do another zombie volume, then now would be an opportune time to help make a second become a reality.

There aren’t any big “names” in TZFV1. Nobody received more pay than anyone else. This anthology was built using a simple maxim: select the best stories and run with it. Perhaps not the best way to go from a marketing perspective, but it is the one I desired for this particular volume.

The anthology is priced at a reasonable $15.95 for print and an insanely reasonable $2.99 for digital.

Help make the dream of a second volume of zombies come true. Grab a copy of The Zombie Feed, Volume 1!

Visit here for more information and purchase options:

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