Appalachian Undead, perfect sauce for your Halloween

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00075]An anthology of original regional zombie fiction I co-edited has been placed on mega-sale by the publisher. You can get APPALACHIAN UNDEAD at a discount of 40% from Apex Publications using the code UNDEAD40 on checkout. This is only available October 7th and October 8th.


While this isn’t an anthology I talk about much, it is an anthology I’m proud of editing. The number of horror icons in the table of contents is staggering: John Skipp, Gary A. Braunbeck, Elizabeth Massie, Ronald Kelly, Steve Rasnic Tem, Tim Lebbon, Tim Waggoner, Maurice Broaddus, Tim Waggoner, Bev Vincent, Lucy A. Snyder…

Hm, that’s a lot of Tim/Tem.

The fun cover art is by Courtney Skinner. Nothing like zombies picking the banjo!


Apex Guy Takes Over the News

Yesterday, I had my 3 minutes of fame.

It is amazing how fast 3 minutes pass when you’re doing your best to impress a television camera.

You know how surreal it can feel when you meet a really famous person? Going into the LEX 18 news studio was like that for me. I’ve been watching Dia Davidson and Lee Cruise for at least a decade. I wasn’t starstruck, but I was like “These people are real, after all.”

After brief pleasantries, it was time to sit down and put on a show. There was no countdown. One second I’m sitting there looking around studio, the next Lee Cruise starts his introduction. Oh, so we were live, I better look interested!


Apex Guy, Newsmaker

Guess what?

I’m going to be on the news again, and this time, I will be making an ‘in studio’ appearance!

The local NBC affiliate, WLEX, will interview me about Apex, For Exposure, and Irredeemable during the 12:30 lunchtime news segment.

You should watch. Those who follow my blog will probably be familiar with the interview talking points. It will be the little things that you should watch for…

  1. How nervous will I get?
  2. Will I sweat through my clothes?
  3. How thick does the accent become?
  4. Will I flirt with the on air talent?
  5. Do I say anything disparaging about my friends?

Believe it or not, this isn’t my first dance with the local news. Five years ago, the local CBS affiliate filmed a feature and interviewed me at home inside the Apex office (that happens to be in the basement). Despite what Janet Harriett may have you believe (see her rebuttal in For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher), the basement of my house has no murder rooms or giant pits.

Dad Rock

I owe my dad an apology.

It is generally believed that kids hate their parent’s music. And, likewise, Parents hate their kid’s music.

Sure, it’s not so black and white, there are occasional overlap in tastes. But on a whole, much of what we old-timers enjoy falls outside the spectrum of today’s youth. And by “today’s youth” I mean “eleven-year-old girl” and by “eleven-year-old girl” I mean my daughter. We often don’t see eye-to-eye about what constitutes a good song.

In fact, here is a Venn diagram showing our overlapping music tastes. For clarity’s sake, I am the “Old Guy”.

Everyone loves Tay-Tay!


What Say You: Lesley Conner on Gilles de Rais and The Weight of Chains

Welcome to ‘What Say You’, the first in what I hope is a regular series of guest posts. If you would like to be a featured guest, then query me and let’s make it happen.

Lesley Conner’s The Weight of Chains (Sinister Grin Press, 2015) is a visceral, dark historical fantasy that holds nothing back. She bases much of the novel’s horror on historical fact…and you know how it goes…the truth of our atrocities far exceeds any horror any one of us can imagine.

I will have a review of Lesley’s book next week. In the meantime, Lesley gives us some background regarding the main characters, the acts they performed, and the accuracy of her novel.

Very slight spoilers ahead.



Ghost the Cat and her troubles

Ghost finds herself a princess bed.

Ghost finds herself a princess bed.

After the deaths of Phantom and Shadow, my family took a few months to mourn the loss of our little friends. In early July, we felt the time was right, so we ventured to Pet Smart to find a rescue kitty and adopt him or her.

The Pet Smart we frequent often hosts rooms for the local shelters. On this day, the Lexington Humane Society had a large amount of animals. Several dozen puppies. Lots of kittens. Plenty of older animals, too.

My wife and I became attached to a large 18-month-old frisky and fun ball of fur named Woody. Our kids, naturally, gravitated to the kittens. A friendly, quiet 14-week-old white and grey kitten named L’il Bit had stolen their hearts.

We took L’il Bit home that night. And the first order of business was to rename her to Ghost.


The Ongoing Transition to Self-Employment

My wife calls it “living the dream.” To the extent that I’m now doing what I’ve long wanted to do, she’s right.

In fact, I think by “living the dream,” she means that I get to work for myself. She knows I’ve had periodic problems getting along with my corporate bosses over the years. While that’s a huge positive of self-employment, that wasn’t the reason I made the transition.

I wanted to publish. I wanted to edit. I wanted to write.

These days, I’m doing all three.


Accepting freelance clients

I’m pleased to announce that I am now accepting clients for several different types of freelance work.

  • Editing (Novel and short fiction)
  • Ebook builds
  • Book layout
  • Website setup

I’m also available for writing projects… but aren’t we all! :)You can find rates and further information on my Freelance Services page. Feel free to email me if you have questions and/or interest.

Little Digits (Short story from Irredeemable)

Little digits hold long metal rulers. Children. Third graders.

Miss Janice sits in a desk, her bony knees pointing upwards at awkward angles. She writes the punishment phrase over and over.

“I will not talk in class.”
“I will not talk in class.”
“I will not talk…”

Her fingers cramp and the pen stops moving. There’s a blur of movement as metal rulers slap against the back of her hand. The flesh has swollen and peeled apart in several wide gashes, exposing tendons and the white of bone.

The children elbow each other for a turn with their ruler.

She wants to scream. But she’s learned the hard way that there’s no talking in class today. Only her tears talk.

From my collection Irredeemable
Buy Irredeemable here!

How Publishing Works Workshop

You write a book and have it printed, of course!

Okay, okay, it’s a bit more varied than that.


How does the publishing process really work? Join us as three-time Hugo Award nominated editor and publisher Jason Sizemore of Apex Publications guides you through the ‘typical’ life cycle of a book. The seminar will cover submissions, contracts and contract terms, what to expect from your publisher, and most importantly, how much money should you expect? Throw the curtain back and discover how the magic happens! [ALL LEVELS]



Where: Joseph-Beth Booksellers
When: 6:00-8:00pm, September 30th and October 7th
Cost: $35 (okay, this is a GREAT PRICE)

We’ll be meeting in the conference room that is adjacent to the Bistro. I’ll have swag, free books, and lots of knowledge to drop on you.

See you there!